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So ist es also im Puff... (R)

Hey Freunde! Das Puff Video von SexyJulia - oder wie ich seit neustem gern sage - SexyJuliaTHEBRAIN kennt ihr ja sicher alle schon... Es ist seit einer Ewigkeit auf der Startseite und - YouTube Bugs sei Dank - zieht es trotz negativer Kommentare und Bewertungen immer mehr Leute an. Liegt es am ThumbNail? Liegt es an ihr? Liegt es daran, dass sie besonders gut ist? Was meint ihr? Dieses Video soll niemanden angreifen oder beleidigen, es spiegelt nur meine Meinung wieder und ist vollkommen subjektiv! Teilt mir eure Meinung doch mit und gebt dem Video hier einen Daumen nach oben, um diese Diskussion noch ein wenig zu verbreiten! :) Lieben Dank und einen traumhaften Tag noch! :D MEIN KANAL: Mein ZWEITkanal (auf dem ihr gerade seid): (Sinnlose Videos, VLogs und ReViews - schaut mal rein) Mein facebook: Merch: (Shirts und Schtuff) -------------------------------------------------- Tags: FlipFloid LeFloid Sexy Julia SexyJulia THE BRAIN xD LOL ROFL FAIL Blog VLog Nummer irgendwas Umfrage Frage YouTube Startseite Tipps Erfolg dumm ouch autsch WTF official Gedöns Music Tutorial how to premiere pro after effects bieber biber mütze hat style höhöhö parodie ironie

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South Park vs Islam II (Viacom's Revenge)

DL video at original video (note currently (1st May) the original video has not returned. If it doesn't come back in the next day or so (as Viacom said it would), we'll have to do it the old fashioned way). On Sunday 25th Apr 2010 I put up the video South Park vs Islam. Less than 24 hrs later the video had the best part of 100k hits, and Viacom issued a DMCA take down notice, even though the video only contained 10 seconds of South Park footage with no audio. When it became clear that Viacom had not only filed the DMCA notice, but that it was not an automated take down (else all the mirrors would have been taken down too), but someone at Viacom had actually made the decision to file this DMCA -copyright take down notice (the evasion of their lawyers I talked to spoke volumes!)..... to say that I was angry is an understatement. I had gone out of my way to do what South Park and Viacom did not have the back bone to do. To call bullshit on those who think that a few death threats will humble free speech in the West.... and then having invited these small time religious losers to do their worst, I got stabbed in the back by Viacom. Yeah pissed really doesn't cover it. Of all the cowardly self-centered parasites... it's difficult to know who is worse, those who want to try to limit free speech by a few death threats, or those who would sell out free speech simply as they think to do otherwise might damage their profit margins.

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Most Cops/Greatest Explosion Ever

Grand Theft Auto 4 Most Cops/Greatest Explosion Ever video made by deathmule HD version

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