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Witzig, blutig und respektlos: 'Juan Of The Dead'

Juan ist ein Schlitzohr und Lebenskünstler. Er liebt seine Heimat Kuba. Doch ausgerechnet am 50. Jahrestag der Revolution tauchen in Havanna merkwürdige Dissidenten auf.

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Brazil vs Korea DPR 2-1 REAL FULL Match Highlights ALL GOALS FIFA World Cup June 15 2010

Become a Self Employed Courier Guide for UK - Brazil vs North Korea 2-1 All Goals Full Match Highlights FIFA World Cup June 15 2010

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Los Jackass del Juancho xD!

Se tiran del segundo piso los huevones csm...el ultimo dia de clases :(

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Electro Mix 3 Best Songs House Mix Music 2010 2009 Disco Dance Party Club Remix Dj Electronica HD DOWNLOAD HERE: Become a FACEBOOK FAN...!!! Follow me on TWITTER: List: 1. Imsomnia Remix - David Craig 2. I Know You Want Me - Pitbull 3. Right Round Remix - Flo_Rida 4. I Gotta Feeling Guetta Remix - Black Eyed Peas 5. Verano Azul - Juan Magan 6. Ella Elle La Remix - Dj Tek 7. Cry For You Remix - September 8. Sexy Bitch - Akon Feat Guetta 9. Free Remix - Juan Magan & Dj Rivero 10. This is not Miami - Sander Kleinenberg 11. Hotel Room Remix - Pitbull feat Nicole 12. Oh La La La Remix - David Tavare 13. Stereo Love Remix - Edward Maya Ft. Alicia 14. When Love Takes Over Remix - Guetta Ft. Kelly 15. Calabria Remix - Enur 16. Closer Remix - Neyo Electro Mix Best Songs List: 1. Put Your Hands Up For Detroit - Fedde Le Grande 2. Suck my - Magan and rodiguez 3. Calabria - Enur Feat Natasja 4. 75, Brazil Street - Nicola Fasano & Pat Rich - 5. World Hold On (Bob Sinclar Remix) 6. Laurent Wolf - Saxo Mix 7. David Guetta - The World Is Mine (Remix) 8. Can You Feel The Bass (Remix) 9. club sound - David Kane (krafft mix) 10. Shine on - R.i.o.(mondo_remix) 11. Tell me why - Supermode 12. Batucada 2008 - Robbie Rivera & Dj Dero 13. Wheres your head at - Va jean elan (klaas mix) 14. Ponerte En Cuatro - Amigos Invisibles 15. Show Me Love (Safari Mix) 16. Been a Long Time - Yoshimoto 17. Ticket to ride - Syke Sugarstar 18. Could You Be Loved 2008 - The Legend 19. Rise up - Yves larock (remix) 20. Uninvited - Freemasons (club mix) 21. Elektro - Outwork feat mr gee 22. EL BAILE DEL PESCADO - ALDO RANKS (Remix) 23. Olé - John Revox (Remix) 24. Infinity - Guru Josh Project (Remix) 25. Delirious - David Guetta 26. Get Far - Shining Star 27. What I Want By Fireball - Bob Sinclair Electro House Mix 2 List: 1. Michael Gray - The Weekend 2. Dj Disciple feat Dawn Tallman - Work it out 3. David Kane - Club Sound Kraft Remix 4. TIMBALAND - THE WAY I ARE (Remix) 5. Bass Kleph - Bump Uglies (Stupid Fresh 'Wizards In Oz' Mix) 6. Alex Gaudino - Watch Out (remix) 7. GET UP - Global Deejays feat. Technotronic 8. East Clubbers - Make Me Live (Mondo Remix) 9. Bob Sinclar World Hold On (Remix) 10. Saxo - laurent wolf remix 11. Born To Be Alive (Benny Benassi Remix) 12. Enur feat natasja - Calabria 13. Put Your Hands Up For Detroit - Fedde Le Grand 14. Camille Jones Vs Fedde Le Grand - The Creeps 15. David Guetta - The World is Mine (remix) 16. Outwork feat Mr. Gee Elektro (remix) 17. Illusion 18. The drill - Paolo bolognesi Remix 19. Grant Nelson - Seasons Of Jack 20. Masters At Work VS The Drill - Work 21. Ticket To Ride - Syke & Sugarstarr 22. Roman Flügel Geht's Noch 23. Crazy frog - dirty frog (remix) 24. David Vendetta - Love to love you baby 25. Agua y Amor - La vaina Thanks...!

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Free Hugs Campaign - Official Page (music by Sick )

Download the "Free Hugs" soundtrack here: Sick Puppies New Album Tri-Polar Available Now! Get your "Free Hugs" t-shirts here: Special thanks to Sick Puppies, for the music: Contact: ---------- News: We would like to thank and hug every one of you for making this video Youtube video of the year! ----------------------------------------------- Sometimes, a hug is all that we need. Free Hugs is the real life controversial story of Juan Mann, a man whose sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger put a smile on their face. In this age of social-disconnection most all of us lack that simple human touch from another, the effects of the Free Hugs Campaign are now felt around the globe. As this simple gesture of kindness and hope spread across the city, police and officials ordered the Free Hugs Campaign BANNED. What we then witnessed was the true spirit of humanity as people came together in what can only be described as something awe inspiring. In the spirit of the Free Hugs Campaign please pass this video to a friend and HUG a stranger! After all, you CAN make a difference. Music by Sick Puppies. Their album was release on April 3rd and is titled "Dressed Up As Life". ------------------------------------------------- The response to this video has been nothing short of overwhelming and touching. Hugs to every single one of you who messaged. There has been thousands of emails from all over the world from people seeking to participate in the Free Hugs Campaign and asking for permission. You don't need permission. This is the people's movement, this is *your* movement. With nothing but your bare hands you CAN make a difference. ------------------------------------------------

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