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Cascada "Last Christmas" Dance Routine

My Dance 101 group's final exam routine to Cascada's "Last Christmas." We had to choreograph our own routines touching on some of the steps we learned that semester. I was so nervous I wanted to walk out of class and forget about the whole thing! My classmates' dance routines to: KE$HA "Tik Tok" Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" T-Pain "Apply Bottom Jeans" Taylor Swift "You Belong with Me" Timbaland "The Way I Are" T-Pain "I'm Sprung" Michael Jackson "Beat It" Part 1: Part 2: Mean Girls "Jingle Bell Rock" The Weather Girls "Raining Men" The Dream ft Kanye West "Walking on the Moon" Mariah Carey "All I Want for Christmas is You" Interpretive Dance Want free make-up and beauty products? My Hawaiian Beauty Products Giveaway: My GlitterGal Lip Gloss Giveaway: Stalker? Stalk me! Facebook:!/youreglowing Twitter:

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