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Sehr Witzig 2007 - Folge 1, Teil 1

Aus dem Archiv: Erste Folge der zweiten Staffel der Comedyserie "Sehr Witzig" aus dem Jahr 2007, Teil 1 von 3. Mit Jochen Busse, Fiete Börnsen & Dörte Petzold, dem Zauberer u.v.m.! Comedy von Dennis und Jesko.

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Michael Jackson Memorial Service - Brooke Shields

A weeping Brooke Shields gives an emotional eulogy of her longtime friend Michael Jackson. She called their bond "the most natural and easiest of friendships."

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Documentary about Brandon Bond rescuing Vick's Pitbulls

"VICKtory to the UNDERDOG, Hell and Back" a film by Stranglehold Publications and El Haney Video Productions. To Hell And Back is a vivid, behind-the-scenes look into pit bull rescue, chronicling the rehabilitation of 3 dogs seized from the property of NFL football Quarterback Michael Vick. Featuring tattoo artist Brandon Bond (two time international "Tattoo Artist of the Year" and owner of the renowned ALL OR NOTHING TATTOO studio) as well as his family and staff, we witness their heroic efforts to save the misunderstood American Pit Bull Terrier Breed (APBT) from dog fighting and abuse as well as breed-specific persecution. The documentary follows Makaveli, 7 (named after Vick's number), and Chucky through the chaos that surrounded their rebirth into loving situations. Entering Brandon's home, offices, shelters, and studios, we get a first-person point of view in understanding the rehabilitation process and the rigors of dog socialization. It's an all-access adventure smothered in dog kisses. Additional "Special Features" on the disc include behind-the-scenes discussion with Brandon about fostering, helping, legislation, and rescue, as well as never-before-seen scenes of all the dogs playing with each other and their new families as well as news footage uncut in its entirety. While this project has been censored for child-friendly language and situations, the subject matter is sure to provoke the viewers to get involved with Brandon's cause. A large portion of the proceeds from this film are going to rescue charities, so thank you for helping us help them. Please HELP US SPREAD THE WORD. Punish the deed not the breed. The DVD is availible on and the rescue website is the tattoo website is "Three dogs seized when federal authorities busted up Michael Vick's dogfighting operation are being rehabilitated by a well known Atlanta tattoo artist." ABC news "Bond started rescuing pit bulls 12 years ago, and his pit bull organization has saved over 200 dogs." Marietta Daily Journal "Michael Vick's Fighting Dogs Now Safe With International Tattoo Artist of the Year!" NBC News "Michael Vick may be doing time, but three of his dogs are free at last, and enjoying their first taste of living in an Atlanta based foster care program. The home of the Atlanta Falcons is also home to the All Or Nothing Rescue (, founded by world renowned tattoo artist Brandon Bond. The organization has already rescued more than 200 pit bulls from all around the Southeast." Atlanta Journal Constitution "This is a collection you can not miss, these guys have outdone themselves again, BRUTAL motivational honesty and drive." Crave MAGAZINE "It's a bad rep caused by bad owners who are ignorant of the breed's dominant traits and training requirements...or just plain ignorant (yeah, we're talking about you, Michael Vick)." Tattoo Revue Magazine "Brandon Bond is a man that needs no introduction." PRICK MAGAZINE "According to Brandon Bond, who manages to take time from being one of the world's most sought after tattoo artists to save Pit Bulls, these 'bully breeds' are nearly always immediately euthanized after being confiscated from the people who fight them, even though he says he has not met a single one that did not turn into wonderful, loving pet." CBS News "The hardest working man in Tattooing." Tattoo Savage Magazine "Brandon Bond uses his huge network of friends and fans to place pit bulls in danger of being euthanized into good homes." Tattoo Revue Magazine "Love him or hate him, Brandon Bond is one of the hottest players on the tattoo scene today." SKIN ART Magazine "If you breed your dog just once and the resulting puppies are bred, and their are puppies bred, and so on, within 6 years you will be responsible for having put 67,000 dogs in the world! Wouldn't you rather have saved 6 or 7 dogs from a needless death?" Brandon Bond "Brandon Bond is one of the masters of modern tattoo color work, and I'm honored to have had the chance to get to know him. Not only is he a brilliant artist, but he's one of the most approachable, honest, and generous artists out there. His big heart is clear not only in his openness in sharing with others in the industry, but also in his work with pit bull rescue. He's making the rough, gritty world of tattoo art a better place." Joy Surles, author of Tattoo: From Idea To Ink and Editor of SKIN ART magazine

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Catherine Tate and 007 Daniel Craig

Classic Comic Relief. Catherine Tate sketch where Elaine Figgis starts dating 'bondboy68'. Daniel Craig moves in with her and they start a relationship. Buy the very best of Red Nose Day on iTunes,

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World Debut of Rinspeed sQuba, First Underwater "Flying" Car

Thirty years after the movie thriller "The Spy Who Loved Me" hit the silver screen, 'sQuba' is the first car that can actually fly under water. The Rinspeed sQuba will have it's world debut at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show.

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