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Hilarious Commerial!! 2012

With the wig, he does look like Rooster Teeth Gus! A lonely girl goes looking for friends on craigslist and finds a couple of freaks instead. Hilarity ensues! Created by Akira Wing, Zuriah Shara and Shannon Robertson

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Taylor Swift & Weird Al Yankovic on POPTUB

PEPSI'S ROCK BAND CONTEST Check out the videos we're featuring today: Pepsi Rock Band Song: Bad Reputation From: BFF The Mp3 Experiment Six (ImprovEverywhere) Helium Taze! FUNNY! (aFREUDIANSLIPMusic) Thrown Away (WasteCnxsideloader) college dorm light show! AWSOME (baoansayz) "Weird Al" Yankovic - Craigslist (alyankovic) Raccoons Rescued From Vending Machine (AssociatedPress) PEPSI REFRESH Library Re-Opening Ad (AaronAndzik) The Carrot Highway (BargainBinofOblivion) I don't like that (ronronnienie) My first time lapse - Santa Cruz Fireworks (frantic0466) PS22 Chorus "JUST DANCE" by Lady Gaga (agreggofsociety) Taylor Swift: Thug Story (CMT Videos) POPTUB: We make YouTube videos about YouTube videos on YouTube. It's not that complicated.

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Best clips from the week of 9.24.09: infoMania

This week on infoMania President Obama is everywhere, every network has baked up a cake show, Bryan learns some important lessons about coming out, Brett shows you how to get online neighbor revenge, and Sergio counts down the hits on

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