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Funny - Girls Freak Out - Snowman Prank Season 2 Episode 10

Behind the scenes Facebook Freaky is now on Tumblr Playlist of all the videos Am I funny enough to be Comedy King of the Web? You decide! You can vote up to ten times a day! This episode was filmed in Newport Rhode Island, after being banned from Providence. The people of Newport enjoyed having the snowman and Freaky got some great reactions of the ladies freaking out and screaming. Freaky also had the opportunity to fart on a few people for a few comical reactions. See The Scary Snowman on Channel 10 Circle me? Google+ Twitter T-shirts & Hoodies Ending Music by Mike Mulah for Hip Hop Frat House 
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This an animation that I made a while back. I tried to find out how to easily use motion capture and cloth/softbody simulation in Blender. Thanks for watching, comments are welcome! Credits: Models made with MakeHuman 0.9.1 RC1, music "Indian Saidi" from Ruben van Rompaey's album "Djembolale - Grooves and Moves", made with Blender, motions based on motion data from

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Cat In A Tree

My kitten has moved into our christmas tree, and is refusing to leave! We have applied for an eviction notice but am yet to get a reply :) I'm still having camera problems at the moment, so have been unable to make a real iggy video like I wanted I know :( But thought I'd at least upload something to accompany me wishing you all a fantastic christmas,..and this is the last thing I filmed before my camera went wonky lol Normal services should be resumed very soon tho, I promise some kitten are fighting with other i see. kind of you to depress orange button for subscribing. sending my moving picture to your family would be high honor for me. i our very cute kitten so much to be ever in your life? very pleaseing to eye, i hope. Music Cat Hiccups and Farts at the Same Time is cool

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