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Funny People Trailer on POPTUB

This woman knows very little about squirrel care. They don't like boobs, they like nuts. Check out the videos we're featuring today: President Interrupted By 'Duck Ringtone' During Speech (NewsPoliticsNews) It's All About The Roosevelts (tacobell) Luigi Finally Snaps (collegehumor) Greatest freak out ever 2 (ORIGINAL VIDEO) (wafflepwn) Greatest freak out ever 3 (ORIGONAL VIDEO) (wafflepwn) Reality Show Goldmine (geniuscamp) iBacon: a game you'll flip over! (GMonkeyProductions) Lego Arcade (MlCHAELHlCKOX) PIX Morning News - Squirrel in woman's cleavage (6-30-09) (jaynorris115) PEPSI REFRESH The Art of Motion (RussellWyner) High-Wire Motorbike Stunt (diagonaluk) Flippy Bike Guy! (kristymangel) Funny People (Universal Pictures) Crash Disc (Vinyl Freestyle) (LeFrankystyle) Rocket Bus ! (spykestar) POPTUB: We make YouTube videos about YouTube videos on YouTube. It's not that complicated.

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