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Four Hand Piano

Like this? Click to tweet: Watch my other videos: My second channel: My T-Shirts: iPhone App: (or search for "MysteryGuitarMan" on android) Twitter's cool... right? Facebook, too: Send me things: Mystery Guitar Man PO Box 2966 Hollywood, CA 90078 Shirt from Piece is the 1st Movement of Mozart's Piano Sonata for 4 Hands in D Major K.381. -Subtitles- Portuguese:

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Xavier Naidoo - Mozart Reportage

A new Song for the Mozart-year in Germany.

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Talking Cat FUNNY Weekly World News Review Mike Mozart

Talking cat FUNNY BatBoy Weekly World News Review. YES! The Bat Boy Lives on You Tube! It's Amazing and Hilarious. One of the Funniest Videos of All Time! Michael Mike Mozart your Toy and Product Guru of JeepersMedia Jeepers Media found him at RD1999 video titled "BatBoy 3" BatBoy 1 and Batboy 2 are also very good. I imagine all my fans that Liked my Spiderman 3 reviews will love this. 1. If you like Disney's Winnie the Pooh Toys, Check out my review of "Tumble Time Tigger" This is the Coolest Bouncy Toy ever made of Tigger by Fisher Price ! I make a Hilarious call on a cool 90's to Christopher Robin in the Hundred Acre Woods! On of my Top Favorite Videos! ROFL 2. I also have two different Toy product review Videos featuring Disney's Ariel, The Little Mermaid. The first, Michael Mozart eating and Ariel Lollipop, is one of My Top Rated Favorites Ever! Hilarious and Fun! The Second Little Mermaid Product is a Paddle and Ball Set which has Ariel being bashed in the face with the ball! LOL 3.If you Like the Simpsons, I have three of the funniest ever product videos on You Tube! The first is a Funny, Moving Eye, Homer Simpson Clock! Homer's eyes follow a Donut on the second hand! D'oh! The Second is a Belly Dancing Action Figure in a Towel of Homer Simpson Singing "Macho Man" by the Campy 80's Band The Village People. A Unique Laugh Riot! The third Simpsons Product is a Homer Simpson Cockoo Clock with Homer Popping out of Moe's Tavern to Count the Hours! A rare and fun collectible! Now at Spencer Gifts! 4. Teddy Bear Lovers will be shocked and happy, I review the New Toy Magical Light up Bear! He changes colors with concealed LED Lights inside! One of the Funniest Videos Ever. Also One of my Highest View Count Clips too. This is a really Cute Bear and he's not camera shy! Check out the Funny Michael Mozart Review today! 5. For Mattel Barbie Doll Lovers. I have created a Laugh Riot video of Barbie and Tanner, Barbie's pooping Yellow Labrador Dog. This Hysterical Toy Doll Review includeds Barbie with her puppy pooper scooper! This is a Sick Disgusting Toy as you feed the Poops back to Tanner, Barbies yellow Lab Doggie! Take a Peep Today on the JeepersMedia Channel! 6. Farting Toys are great, but Nothing compares to Fart Guy. My Fart Guy Product Review will leave you laughing and gasping for air. He creates an Armpit Farting Symphony! If you Like Rude Noisy Disgusting Farts, This Michael Mozart Toy Guru Review Video is a Fart Lovers Dream! Lewd, Crude and Rude. Take a look on Jeepersmedia! You'll Love It! 7. Britney Spears has had her Troubles Lately, Divorce, Rehab, Drugs, Divorce from Federline, So I'll cheer Brittany up with a Makeover!. I've recreated an old "Wooly Willy" toy from the past to create a full new Fashion assortment of Hairstyles for Britney Spears! Justin Timberlake will be back on Britney Spears Doorstep STAT! OMG it's Funny. Go to the JeepersMedia channel to see this and lots of other funny Toy reviews by Mike Mozart your Product Guru! 8. Humping Dogs are always popular vids on You Tube, Check out my Review of the Love n' Licks Puppy! If you REALLY like Humping Dog Video s , I also has a special guest appearance by Hump frey the humping dog. Super Funny one of my more unusual toy video reviews! NOTE this video is PG Rated as Hump Frey is a Fun Loving and Horny Little Puppy! XD. 9. I Also Created a Very Unusual Anna Nicole Smith Video! I interview Anna Nicole Smiths Ghost from beyond the grave. The most Bizarre Anna Nicole Smith Video. Check it out today on the JeepersMedia channel! Batboy 1 Batboy 2 Batboy3 Batboy 3 Bat Boy Three Batboy-3 Batboy_3 Bat boy 3 Batboy3 bat boy 3 batboy3 RD1999 rd1999 BatBoy 3

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Funny Videos: , KNOCKOFF Fail Toys LOL Video Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

Funny Video- KNOCKOFF TOYS ARE FLOODING IN! Special Investigative "Funny lol Videos" News Report AND Funniest Toy Product Video Review by Mike Mozart of the Fakes, Counterfeit and Knock Off Products Flooding into the USA. Knock Off Ipod, LMA Funny Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse lol Toy, Funniest Pooh Toy, Hilarious WWE Wrestling Figures, Fuuny Power Ranger Figures vids , funny Pokemon clips, AND MANY MORE! JeepersMedia Channel is known for the Funniest "Fail Toys" videos. If you have never seen these Funny and best funniest videos ever before, Check out my Hilarious LMAO Video Channel on Youtube! Many more of the Very Funniest, hilarious Fail Toys and Very best Funniest Fail toy review Videos! Please Add this Funny review vid to your "Try Not to Laugh YouTube channel playlist! "Funniest Videos Ever" on JeepersMedia. Featuring Toys and products such as

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Guitar: Impossible (stop motion music short by MysteryGuitarMan)

Over 1000 cuts. 6 hours of guitar tabbing. 1 hour of shooting. God knows how much editing. I know. I was bored. Like this video? Tweet about it! Get my t-shirts: MY LINKS: Watch my other videos: My Website: Follow me on Twitter: ...and Facebook:

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