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Luna Maya ganti baju

Saat foto itu dituding berbau pornografi, Luna hany berkomentar fotonya adalah bagian dari sebuah karya seni dan bukan jorok. Menurut Luna itu merupakan hal wajar karena semua itu adalah sebuah ekspresi seni, demikian ungkapnya seperti dikutip dari Rileks.Com.

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Alizee - J'en Ai Marre (Live, Sexy & with Lyrics)

[Updated 31st Oct 2008] I've uploaded new set of lyrics using youtube's latest closed captions. It's clearer than the old lyrics. You can choose either english or french. I guess that you can read them better now. =) -------------------------------------- [Original description] I've included the original French lyrics. The translation into English was done by moi-alizee. Mind you, this is totally different from "I'm Fed Up" lyrics. Be sure to watch it till the end, if u wanna see some "special" pics of Alizee. ;) Just to share it with you guys... this is the first French song, i've ever heard. I won't get bored with the melody, ever. sigh, she's soooooo cute.

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