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Interview mit einer Blondine - Witzig oder Ein Interview in Hildesheim zu dem Thema Umwelt, der Umweltreport 2009. TV Live Interview in HD Locations: Galeria Kaufhof, Esprit, Douglas, Backmarkt, T-Punkt, Andreas Passage, Plus, Marktplatz, Apollo Hardware: Canon XH A1

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Justin Bieber Biography

Justin Bieber Biography Justin Bieber talks about his rise to the top in this exclusive footage from Billboard Magazine. Justin Bieber's One Time first single is discussed, as well as answers to some questions about Justin's new album "My World" coming out later this year. Learn about how Justin was found through YouTube and caught in a bidding war between his favorite pop stars, Usher and Justin Timberlake. Check out some of the highest quality footage of Justin Bieber at Billboard channel... For more info on Billboard Magazine check out their Wiki page... Answers to more questions... * When is Justin's album being released? My World is scheduled to be released November 17th, 2009. * When is Justin Bieber's birthday? March 1st, 1994 * How old is Justin Bieber? Justin is 15 years old and turns 16 on March 1st, 2010. * What is Justin Bieber's youtube? His official account are * How can I find Justin Bieber's tour dates? Check out his official website below * Where can I find Justin Bieber pictures? You can find pictures on Justin Bieber's official website and the sites below... * Where can I find exclusve Justin Bieber pictures? Aside from Justin's official accounts, a number of fans have shot exclusives of Justin and have them available for others to use. Some of their websites and channels are listed below. Have you shot exclusives of Justin and want to share with others? Do you have a fansite you'd like to promote? Want to join Justin's #1 Street team including channels like BieberTeam, BieberZone, FansOfJustin and JustinBieberFan02? We want to hear from you! Leave a message or comment. Justin Bieber on the Today Show... Video © 2009 Nielsen Business Media. All rights reserved. Shortcut to this video... Promotion by Rapid Discovery Media What makes Rapid Discovery Media different? Rapid Discovery Media is a Digital Label, A/V Production and Social Network Marketing company focusing exclusively on assisting struggling songwriters and promoting original videos. With 4 years in social networking including 2 years experience assisting major recording artist Justin Bieber (UMG/IDJMG) with media production, accounts management, promotion and consultation, we share our artists music with the world on this channel for free. For more information contact Rapid Discovery Media at (416) 578-3955 or send us a message. Rapid Discovery Media - Your answer to online exposure.

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