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JUSTIN BIEBER CAN'T COME OUT!!!! - Ke$ha SUCKS Styrofoam! - Lady Gaga Censored! - DWTS! - Remakes!

Subscribe to this hottie: THANK YOU FOR RATING!!! Please Comment/Fave! Subscribe for More! YAY! ______ Awesome fun skating vlog! Yesterday's What the Buck Show! _____ Comment Questions of the Day: 1. Why is Justin Bieber so gay? 2. Why is KeSha such a bitch? 3. Why am I so awesome? 4. Who is your fave on Dancing with the Stars? Bonus: Predict how many copies Bieber's My World 2.0 will sell this week? VIDEO REPLY BONUS: What MOVIE do you love so much you would HATE if they remade it??? ___ In this video, I talk about Bieber Mania in London and how they wouldn't let him come out! Ke$sha disses Britney in a song and Beiber in an interview (and then takes it back). Still a bitch. Lady Gaga speaks out on her edited less tranny-erotic Telephone. Heidi Montag would like bigger boobs so I give her an idea of what to do with them. Skank! And Jennifer Lopez - stay away from Overboard or I will personally take you on a boat and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Stay tuned till end or fast forward to the end and see me quickly talk Dancing with the Stars and with NO VOICE! Its kinda funny! I deserve it! HA! _____ GET BUCKED! What the Buck Show: SUBSCRIBE! Personal Buck Videos: SUBSCRIBE! Additional Buck Shows: SUBSCRIBE! Live Shows! Sun & Thurs 10pm Eastern: Follow Buck on Twitter: Friend Buck on Facebook: ____ If you have read all of this! I love you the most! You are loyal and sexy! Buck

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