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Sido - Schlechtes Vorbild - Komplex & Moloflow RMX

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episode 1 part 3f - SSS Warrior cats fan animation

^_^ yes. I finally submitted these old files. i feel all fresh now! have done a lot these months. I got into my MA course and got my visa done! moved to a new room, new drawing pad, got new pets and new friends ( both online and real life)... Kate, Wen, *~White Dragon~*, Rainn... and more, they are all very cool! I'm very lucky to met all those helpful friends : D ok back to warriors: - there will be no chinese subtitle for the 2nd half of episode 1 and the rest of the animation because my vista refuses to type in chinese. and I think to just to have english for subtitle should be ok. can save sometime as well. - line animation for 2nd episode is done. storyboards for episode 3 and 1/2 of episode 4 is done. - Rosi won't be working on epi2 and might not the rest so I will be animating it by myself and with help with friend Zing : ) - In episode 2 new voice actors will play Bluestar, spotedleaf and greypaw's voice. the first episode is done but many faults can be found. it's a good experience, many aspects will be improved in epi 2. the overall quality should improve gradually as more episodes are made. so far I have episode 2, 3 and 4 planed out. epi 2 is from rusty's journey to thunderclan to just before longtail's fight. epi3 is longtail's fight to rusty/ firepaw settled and sleep. epi4 is from the intruduction of thunderclan territory to a pair of shadowclan warrior's eyes are found near thunder pass. and epi 5 will be yellowfangs fight and so on. I want to make between 16 to 20 episodes ( approx 20 mins each) from the first book in my spare time, it takes a while. the whole point is to have fun animating cats, and to have an animation series ( even though it's just a personal project) that I can say 'see i did it! and I enjoy it a lot!' man that would feel so good! Thank you very much for like my animations! love warriors! PS. I don't log in much, so I don't check youtube message often. but I do check my e-mail sometime. *** a silly conversation between me and my friend: me: I want to animate warrior cats. friend: what is warrior cats? me: children's novel about cat fight. easy read and make good script, I think I can animate it, just for something fun. friend: cat fight can't be serious. dog fight or wolf fight would make better story, you make me laugh. me: I know, but too many dog / wolf fight out there already. friend: cat fight is funny. me: man let's see, i'll animate cat fights like Bleach. and the final brokenstar fight, i want to animate it like Madhouse style (er... I'll try. i like the way they fight) friend: you crack me up! XD me: wait till the longtail fight then you'll see : p friend: who is longtail? me: ... shit, just wait and see XD (I hope I'll have something good to show) so good luck to myself XD ! FQA. questions i recieved many times... Q. what program I use to animate? A. mostly Flash, Photoshop, Aftereffect. Q. are you a guy or a girl? A. I am a guy.

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