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If you'd like to mail any silly bandz/fan mail to me you can now because I have a P.O. box!! :D (You DO NOT need to have a p.o box to send mail to this address) ADDRESS: P.O. box 404 Cynthiana Ky,41031 Sorry for the low sound!!! I haven't 100% figured out how to use my new camera let! LOL!
Added on Jul 20, 2010 by blogpost_biz
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  SILLY  BANDZ  FTW  bands  ban  band  banz  tabs  tabb  tabbs  tabby  tabbi  tabi  tabitha  tabetha  ridiman  tabbyridiman  tabs24x7  tab24x7  tabby24x7  tabbs24x7  tabb24x7  vlog  sell  and  trade  collections  trends  2010  vlogging  rubber  collectibles  trading 
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