Sexy Black Singles Serena Williams Tribute Find A Lady Like Her Today
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Comments Serena Williams is a killer tennis player, model and all around amazing athlete. I created this video to show you a little about what a black women can do if given the necessary tools and guidance. I remember when they used to say that black men weren't smart enough to play as quarter backs, I also remember, besides that I just want people to open their eyes and get rid of all this useless debate. Let's give Serena Williams much props for being a true champion and incredible athlete always giving her all in everything she does on or off the court. Guys you can find women like Serena Williams if you look hard enough, they are right in front of your nose. Stop ignoring the gifts that you have here, and women stop being so hard on men and stop being so unrealistic, turn off MTV, BET or whatever it is your watching and come back to reality. Your not going to find prince charming but you will find a good man if you decide to open your eyes and see what the guy has in his heart and men. It's time to get back to the basics... As always it's my pleasure to serve you...Find yourself a good date today and get some loving...
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