Funny Snowman Prank Season 2 Episode 2
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Behind the scenes Facebook Circle me? Google+ Vote for meeeee ‪‬ So I'm running for King of the Web and would appreciate your support! Only if you think I deserve the crown. This episode was shot On Thayer St in Providence RI and in front of Google HQ in NYC. We decided to try something a little different with the music and reached out to one of my old friends to see if he could create a dustup mix for the series, I hope you all like it as much as I do. We got some great reactions which include random judges scoring the scares. One of the women we scared nearly had a heart attack and another beat us with her umbrella. Music by Mike Mulah for Hip Hop Frat House  Download Sugar Plum Dubstep Christmas on Itunes @hiphopfrathouse Youtuber's Spotted in this video T-shirts @thescarysnowman
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