Sing It For England - World Cup 2010 Football Song
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Download now from iTunes England World Cup 2010 Football Song! Sing It For England by Young Stanley is to be re-released after much demand from football fans all over the UK and also from the Young Stanley fans living world wide. Sing It For England was first released for the 2006 Football World Cup in Germany and was up against one other strong contender for that official England football song. This time round Young Stanley are hoping for guest Star celebrities to feature in the video singing Sing It For England. Names can not be disclosed at this point! If you like the song please rate it but more importantly tell your friends and family about Young Stanley and Sing It For England. Help us make this the official number one England World Cup Song for 2010. Many thanks for all of your support. Young Stanley
Added on Jun 6, 2010 by blogpost_biz
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