Best clips from the week of 9.24.09: infoMania
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This week on infoMania President Obama is everywhere, every network has baked up a cake show, Bryan learns some important lessons about coming out, Brett shows you how to get online neighbor revenge, and Sergio counts down the hits on
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  Infomania  Conor  Knighton  Comedy  Funny  Big  Story  Barack  Obama  Fox  News  Emmys  Wolf  Blitzer  Jeopardy  Dancing  with  the  Stars  Tom  Delay  Paula  Deen  Glenn  Beck  Thats  Gay  Bryan  Safi  Coming  Out  Ellen  Mad  Men  Gossip  Girl  Greek  Dawsons  Creek  Glee  Ben  Hoffman  Craigslist  Weve  Got  You  Covered  Time  Megan  Rolling  Stone  US  Jessica  Simpson  Newsweek  VMAN  James  Franco 
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