Lady Gaga Love Game GREATEST LIVE PERFORMANCE HD Concert Rivals Alejandro Music Video Bad Romance
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Lady Gaga Love Game Live Ready For The Lady Gaga Alejandro Music Video Official ! VS Christina Aguilera Not Myself Tonight Telephone Live Dancing With The Stars MY Fav is Lyrics 3 Three Britney Spears Telephone Or Bionic Lady Gaga Telephone Ft Beyonce Music Video Official Bionic Christina Aguilera Lift Me Up. Greyson Michael Chance 13 Year Old Boy Cover Paparazzi Is Amazing Britney Spears Telephone Version is pretty good though I prefer this live version from Lady Gaga that has emotional depth. This video is presented like A Singing version of DWTS Dancing With The Stars. Also who do you think would win dancing with The stars? Lady Gaga or Christina Aguilera. I so hope they will do the show in the future. Enjoy. Your Comments and thoughts are much appreciated. Christina Aguilera woo hoo ft nicki minaj also is out now though Lift Me Up Is my Favorite from Bionic Lady Gaga Bad Romance and Paparazzi are amazing and really they both are so talented. bad romance unplugged is funny Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat Dolls should win DWTS Whichever artist is your favorite they are both amazing women because they fight and speak out for free speech and expression and are huge role models in today's society and Lady Gaga was listed as one of the TIME Most Influential people in the world.Beautiful Concert Performance Dedicated To My Sister Marcy who lost her battle with Cancer recently after getting her wish to see Lady Gaga at this show. This performance Rivals Just Dance And Poker Face! Her new songs are Paparazzi & Alejandro Lyrics are awesome! Really Hope You Enjoy ! Also watch Greyson Michael Chance paparazzi Cover Ellen video that is so amazing! The young 13 year old boy is so talented!
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  Lady  Gaga  Love  Game  Alejandro  Music  Video  Official  Greyson  Michael  Chance  paparazzi  cover  Bionic  Christina  Aguilera  Not  Myself  Tonight  Lyrics  Three  Britney  Spears  Telephone  Ft  Beyonce  Live  DWTS  Dancing  With  The  Stars  Nicole  Scherzinger  Wins  Pussycat  Dolls  Bad  Romance  Woo  Hoo  Nicki  Minaj  Lift  Me  Up  unplugged  Pop  Rock  Rap  Hip 
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