Lady Gaga Interviewed on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross [Part 2] HQ 3/5/2010
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INTERVIEW PART 2! Click following link if not seen part 1! Lady Gaga performs Telephone Jonathan Ross: Lady Gaga performs Brown eyes jonathan ross: Lady Gaga Jonathan Ross Telephone HD 720p Interview Brown Eyes Really Hope you enjoy We love you Lady Gaga and support you I have not seen the interview yet but will post it when i do Friday Night With Jonathan Ross Lady Gaga is the best to show people how to really put on a great show cuz she plays piano and sings and dances too! she is the best teacher of music to the world! Lady Gaga Jonathan Ross Telelphone HD Interview Live Brown Eyes Bad Romance Dance In The Dark Friday Night Lady,Gaga,Jonathan,Ross,Live,Telephone,HD,Interview,Brown,Eyes,Bad,Romance,Brit,Awards,Dance,In,The,Dark,yt:stretch=16:9
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  Lady  Gaga  Interviewed  on  Friday  Night  With  Jonatha  Ross  Live  HQ  Telephone  Brown  Eyes  Part 
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