Robert Pattinson's VAGINA-BEARD Helps Haiti & I Know I'm A Freak Because....
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Thank you for subscribing! Comment Questions of the day: 1. Did you watch Hope for Haiti? What were your favorite moments/performances? 2. Finish this sentence I know Im a freak because. Bonus: Make a video reply with your best Shakira voice! _______________ In this video, I review the Hope for Haiti concert! I was inspired and scared! Also Lady Gaga and Wawa again! What makes you a freak! Stay tuned for my answer and QUEER COMMENTS! YAY!!!! Thank you for rating or thumbs uping! I hope you enjoy the show today! Love, Buck _____________ CONNECT WITH BUCK! Official Website: What the Buck Show: Personal Buck Videos: Live Shows! Sun &Thurs 10pm Eastern: Follow Buck on Twitter: Friend Buck on Facebook: Take sexy pics with Buck: ________ "Hope for Haiti Now" will continue accepting donations for the next six months. Here's how to give: -Visit -Call 877-99-HAITI Text GIVE to 50555
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