Baby Kitten and his funny meows
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Please do read the full description. Shyloh the kitten's mom was close by. She was sitting on the floor. Little Tex was just turning three weeks old. He is smart and clever kitten so I thought I would try giving him some goats milk and he does like to drink it. . The little one isn't too steady on his feet just yet. He is a little shaky drinking the milk. We had quite the conversation after. I thought you may get a laugh from his meows. I did. He is quite the talker and then there's me doing my silly kitten talk again. Sorry I know it can be irritating. He has a very dirty face from always nursing on his mom. He is the only kitten Shyloh had and she adores the little guy. She brings him socks and toys and all kinds of things. Shyloh meows and purrs to him all the time. Sorry about the video being a bit blurry at times. Most of you may know that many cats are lactose intolerant so they can't have regular milk (processed cow's milk). Processed milk contains lactose and that is what can upset a cat's stomach. They can have goat's milk and soy milk. Goat's milk does contain lactose however it lower than what is found in cow's milk. It is easy on their stomach. I buy goat's milk at Safeway. I am so proud of this little one because usually Persian and Himalayan kittens don't start eating on their own until they are about five weeks old and here he is already drinking milk.
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