Gigi D' Agostino - Another Way (Original Mix) [02] [HD]
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Comments -------------------------------------------------------- 2nd song in the Megamix: The Secret Arena Tack List For Secret Arena: 01. Get Uppa!! (Radio Edit) - Da Cloot 02. Another Way (Original Mix) - Gigi D' Agostinos 03. Let me Stay (Radio Edit) - Perzioso Feat. Marvin 04. 1 More Time (137 Radio Edit) - D.C. 2000 05. The Summer (Airplay Mix) - ATB 06. Danse Avec Moi! (Radio Edit) - Kosmonova 07. Tears Of Fire (Radio Mix) - Area 08. My Love Is A DJ (Dance Mix Radio Edit) - De La Cruz feat. Taleesa 09. Will I Ever (Hitradio Mix) - Alice Deejay 10. Free For Life (On Airplay Vocal Edit Mix) - DMS 11. Colour Of Life (Hard Radio Edit) - Lonsdale 12. Summer In Space (Ultra Radio Edit) - 2 Fabiola 13. Walk On Water (H2O Radio Mix) - Milk Inc.
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