Slipknot - Dead Memories Drum Cover
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I messed up a few times, the only time i went off time was during the fill around the 3:20 mark. Other than that, hope you like it. Thanks for watching! And to all you people that keep comparing me to JoeyJunior15. YES, HE IS A BETTER DRUMMER THAN ME, but so is Derek Roddy, and so is Joey Jordison, and so is Nic Barker. But there are many drummers better than me, and there are many of drummers better than JoeyJunior15. YOU CAN EVEN ASK HIM AND HE'LL AGREE. So people, realize this, JoeyJunior15 isn't the drum god.I'M NOT SAYING HE SUCKS AND IM NOT SAYING THAT I AM A BETTER DRUMMER, but open your eyes to other drummers. I REPEAT, I AM NOT SAYING HE SUCKS OR THAT I AM A BETTER DRUMMER THAN HE IS. I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST HIM. fucking obsessive kids these days.......
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