Best Hardstyle Mix 2008 (december)
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Hope you like it, best Hardstyle A little Special Hardstyletracks, but awesome :D hf Playliste: Beat Providers - Darkest Dreams Beat Providers - The Solstice Headhunterz - Just Say My Name Dark Oscillators - Trapped Zany & Noisecontrollers - Delomelancum I have many more Hardstylemixes, every Month 1-2.. so listen and enjoy the best Tracks ever^^ ps: Im just hobby-Dj.. just live for the Music, and now i cant every people send Music, i have a rl too :P thx 4 Watching gz Swissraver89
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  Best  Hardstyle  Mix  2008  december  Part  hard  style  techno  dj  Music  remix  swissraver89  10  min 
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