Line Dance Instruction Video sample
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Comments - Learn Country Line Dancing with with Brooke and Company, check our our other video for the full length HQ version of this dance. You learn this and other popular line dances at home with Brooke's DVD "Country Line Dance Volume #1". This video is just a small sample of one of our Line Dance Videos available from We'll teach you the most popular Country and Western Line Dances including Watermelon Crawl, and Slap Leather. Country Line Dance Volume #2 includes 4 more popular line dances including the Sleazy Slide, Tush Push, Cowboy Cha Cha, and the Peaceful Valley Stomp. Get both DVD's from PS - If you like the music the name of the song is "Tequila Sheila" by my good friend Walker Williams and his band. You can find all about Walker Williams at
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