Guns N Roses - Live in seoul korea 2009 Sweet Child O mine HQ Screen Cam Ver.
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2009-December-13Days This is Very Good Recording Sounds MORE GUNS N ROSES South Korea Tour more VIDEO VIEW SETLIST Intro : Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen) 01. Chinese Democracy 02. Welcome To The Jungle Axl Says "Seoul, Korea! Very Good To Be Here With You Tonight, Thank You For Havin Us!" 03. It's So Easy 04. Mr. Brownstone Axl Says "You Didn't Think I Was Comin Did You?" 05. Shackler's Revenge Axl Says "T'was The Night Before X-mas.... Except The Strange Creatured Named Bumblefoot" 06. There Was A Time 07. Richard Fortus Guitar Solo [James Bond] 08. Live and Let Die 09. Drum Solo 10. Sorry [First Live] Axl Says "Second Time I Sang that" 11. Rocket Queen 12. DJ Ashba Guitar Solo 13. Sweet Child O' Mine 14. Dizzy Solo (Ziggy Stardust) 15. Street of Dreams 16. You Could Be Mine 17. Band Jam (Black Betty) 18. My Generation [Tommy Fuckin' Stinson] 19. Band Jam 20. November Rain 21. Take A Walk On The Wild Side 22. Better 23. Knockin' On Heaven's Door 24. Bumblefoot Solo (Pink Panther) 25. Paradise City 26. Ending (Bow) Outro : My Way
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