Ida Corr // I Want You (Funkerman Remix) // out now! //
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Comments Ida Corr's latest hit single "I WANT YOU", remix by Funkerman. The single is out now in Scandinavia (released 25th Sept. 2009 in Germany) and includes remixes by Funkerman, Jason Gault and T.R.Z. as well as the Original album version. Original taken from the forthcoming new Ida Corr album. The Funkerman Remix is now available from all major download sites. Please support the artist and buy the track legally: INTERNATIONAL (Funkerman Rmx): DENMARK (5-Tracks): SWEDEN (5-Tracks): NORWAY (5-Tracks): FINLAND (5-Tracks): GERMANY (5-Tracks): AUSTRIA (5-Tracks): SWITZERLAND (5-Tracks): Artist: Ida Corr Song: I Want You (Funkerman Remix) Written by: Ida Corr, Christian Von Staffeldt Remix by: Funkerman Photo by: Sigurd Høyen Copyright: Lifted House Flamingo Recordings
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  Ida  Corr  Want  You  Baby  Funkerman  Remix  Under  The  Sun  One  Dont  Wanna  Stay 
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