Ida Corr // Live 2008 Part 11/14 // Ride My Tempo with Kuku Agami & Band
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Exclusive to Full concert in this Playlist: Ida Corr, Kuku Agami and Ida's band perform a great live band version of "Ride My Tempo" at Danish TV's "LiveDK"-concert series "Musiknyt: Nytårskoncert" (Musicnight: New Year's Concert)! Recorded 2nd December 2008 in Aarhus / Århus , Denmark Broadcasted 31st December 2008 Vocals: Ida Corr Rap: Kuku Agami Guitar & Choir: Vicky Singh Guitar: Hannibal Gustafson Keys: Phong Le Drums: Jon Grundtvig Keys & Choir: Mikael Nordmark Sax: Lars Hartvig Trombone: Mark Chemnitz
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  Ida  Corr  Ride  My  Tempo  One  Rap  Kuku  Agami  Live  Performance  Aarhus  Ã…rhus  Danmark  Danish  TV  Denmark  Dansk  liveDK  koncerter  NytÃ¥rskoncert  NytÃ¥r  koncert  vs  Fedde  Le  Grand  Let  Me  Think  About  It  2009 
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