Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version
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2010 Webby Award Honoree!!! TIME's #6 Top Viral Video of 2009!!! TIME's #18 Top YouTube Video!!! MP3: T-SHIRTS, ETC: Ever wish songs just sang what was happening in the music video? Well now they do, in my sixth take on Dust Films' concept! Lyrics: David A. Scott / Vocals: Felisha Noble & David A. Scott, 5/25/09 Facebook fan group (Bryan Schmidt): #1 Literal Video: #2 Best Internet Find of 2009: 1,009,331 VIEWS IN 10 DAYS! 2,001,171 IN 3 WEEKS! 3 MILLION IN 2 MONTHS! 4 MILLION IN 4 MONTHS! 5 MILLION IN 6 MONTHS! 6 MILLION IN 8 MONTHS! 8 MILLION IN ONE YEAR! THANK YOU!!!!! Entertainment Weekly site 5/28/09: Wall Street Journal site: Metro (UK print mag) 6/01/09: POPTUB 6/01/09: The New Yorker site 6/02/09: NPR website 6/04/09: TIME Magazine website 6/15/09:,8599,1904508,00.html Bloggasm Interview 6/18/09: "Tosh.0" website 9/21/09: CNN's AC360 6/08/09: E!'s Daily 10!!! 6/09/09: Dr. Blogstein's Radio Happy Hour 6/10/09: Good Day L.A.!!! 6/16/09: WIRED Magazine!!! 7/20/09 (August issue): ABC's "Nightline"!!! 08/18/09: "iReport for CNN" 08/22/09: Twitter linked by Ashton Kutcher 5/31/09: Twitter linked by Rock of Ages cast 5/31 & 6/23/09: Twitter linked by Greg "Opie" Hughes 6/01/09: Twitter linked by Kelly Osbourne 6/01/09: Twitter linked by Dita Von Teese 6/02/09: Twitter linked by Douglas Coupland 6/02/09: Site linked by Perez Hilton 6/02/09: Twitter linked by Tony Hawk 6/03/09: Twitter linked by Jane Wiedlin 6/03/09: Twitter linked by Felicia Day 6/04/09: Twitter linked by Chelsea Staub 6/08/09: Emailed by Moby to ABC News 6/09/09: Twitter linked by Natalie Tran 6/10/09: Twitter linked by Richard Roeper 6/10/09: Twitter linked by Robot Chicken 6/16/09: Linked by Andrea Bennett (The Onion) 6/16/09: Twitter linked by Michael Seater 6/24/09: Twitter linked by Lee Unkrich (Pixar) 7/01/09: Butterfly Boucher liked it!!! 8/10/09 (comments): Ken Levine (writer: Mash, Simpsons, etc) 8/21/09: Twitter linked- Jaime King/Selma Blair 08/24/09: Facebook linked by Bob Rivers 09/19/09: Twitter linked by Simon Pegg 11/06/09: Twittered by Scottish Falsetto Socks 01/22/10: 6/08/09: #1 - Top Rated (This Month) #1 - Top Rated (This Month) - Entertainment #1 - Top Rated (All Time) #1 - Top Rated (All Time) - Entertainment 6/11-25/09: #1 - Top Favorited (This Month) - Entertainment #74 Most Viewed Channel 7/01/09: #8 - Top Rated (All Time) 7/24/09: #3 - Top Rated (All Time) - Comedy THANK YOU ALL!!!
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