Lady Gaga - Stand By Me + Talking about Alejandro @ MEN, Manchester UK 2.6.10
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READ: Everone wants to know what she was saying so i wrote i out: "I always have so much fun here! Are you guys having a good time? Yeah you are, that was a nice one, i can see that came from your bellies, or even further down there, from the womb, don't be afraid of the womb, the womb gave you life. So I'm so excited because the video is comming out in 4 days, it might be 5 days, it's 4 or 5 days, but i've seen it an it's finished and i'm trying to claw it from their cold dead fingers, but you know i have to respect everybodies artistic visions. But i think it's fucking finished, and I never say that, you know i'm always late with my videos, cause i'd rather tham be good than suck and you guys all crucify me. 'Lady gaga i really liked your video but i didn't like the way you wore your hair and i didn't like that there was no dance sequence after the bridge, and could you please sign this and send it back to me? Thank you' You are so Shady(?) I Love it, i wouldn't have it any other way, I will always fight fro your soda cans and always sign for your autographs" :)
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