Sunrise Avenue - Heal Me (L.A.O.S. Remix)
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Remix of Sunrise Avenue's "Heal Me" (also on single) Lyrics: This is something I cant hide Cant throw it away This is something I cant fake They know youre away They know how to break me They know youre far away If this sadness takes its place Ill free the space it needs Im hiding in the place Where we share the days Where we share the nights Go through dark and light Only you can heal me This is something I cant take I feel so lame There is nothing in my mind But you all the way You rule every moment Youre the air around me Loves a lonely road sometimes I keep moving on Towards the moment youll be mine A long way to go To where we belong Well be there before long Only you can heal me
Added on Jun 11, 2010 by blogpost_biz
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  sunrise  avenue  heal  me  l.a.o.s.  remix  fairytale  gone  bad  pop  drum  bass  finland  finnish  music 
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