zoey 101 'Start all over' by Hannah Montana
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THE STORY.... (this is made up) PCA decides that the girls and boys should be split again this is a video mostly of the good and bad times they've had together (greystlye=memorys colour=now) song:start all over By:Miley Cyrus (A.K.A Hannah Montanna) Album: Meet Miley Cyrus I DO NOT OWN THE FOOTAGE OR SONG AND THIS VIDEO IS COMPLETLY FAN MADE P.S Thanks everyone for viewing, rating and commenting. I never thought this video would be so popular so thanks again!
Added on Jun 11, 2010 by blogpost_biz
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  zoey  101  jamie  lynn  spears  start  all  over  hannah  montana  miley  desiney  hope  cyrus  chase  logan  lola  nicole  cast 
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