Girl's Generation(SNSD) - Sexy Dance 2 (少女時代 소녀시대 HD HQ live mv Genie Rock Add Ver)
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★★★ Other SNSD Dance ★★★ Girls Generation (snsd) is 9 Korean girl group (sooyoung taeyeon sunny tiffany jessica yuri yoona hyoyeon seohyun) and introduce their song [2010' march] Run Devil Run (Black Soshi) [2010' January] Oh! , Show! Show! Show! , Sweet Talking Baby, Forever, Be Happy, Boys & Girls-feat.key (SHINee), Talk To Me, ☆★☆, Stick Wit U , Day by Day , Gee , Genie [2009' October] Chocolate love [2009' June] Genie (Tell Me Your Wish), Etude, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, My Child, One Year Later [2009' January] Gee, Way To Go, Dear. Mom, Destiny, Let's Talk About LOVE [2007' November] Girls Generation, Ooh La-La, Baby Baby, Complete, Kissing you, Merry go round, Tears, Tinkerbell, 7989, Honey [2007' August] Into The New World, Beginning, Perfect For You
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