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smart car safety crash test

smart car hit's cement at 70 mph.

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When the footage of the second plane to hit the WTC is closely analyzed, there are several anomalies that are apparent. The first is an asymmetrical missile-like object on the belly of the plane that should not be on a commercial airliner. The second is the flash the emits from this "pod" a second before the impact with the building. Was this plane indeed a Commercial airliner? Was the anomaly on the underside of the plane actually a high-tech weapon? See "In plane site" for free of google video for more information.

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P-38 Lightning RC Warbird! Flight Review in HD! Banana Hobby! This is the ULTIMATE in Radio Control Warbirds! The P-38 Lightning is legendary! Banana Hobby and BlitzRCworks have brought to you the BEST P-38 EVER! At a GREAT price! Made of extremely crash resistant EPO Foam! The scale appearance is awesome! This is one TWIN brushless motor powered Warbird that demands attention! The flight character is the best I have ever encountered at the sticks! She is stable as can be in all wind conditions and can perform aerobatics with the best! This P-38 is plenty powerful and the low full speed passes are just attention demanding! Banana Hobby offers full parts support and technical support. This P-38 is equipped with care free retractable landing gears and full gear doors! The electronics are much better than the " usual"! Come see the specs at! This is a product of BlitzRCworks and J-Power!

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