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Michael Jackson: 'They Don't Care About Us' Rehearsal (6/23/09) for 'This Is It' Tour (Promo Clip)

[Full Promo Clip] Michael Jackson's June 23rd dress rehearsal performance of "They Don't Care About Us" for the "This Is It" tour. His final Staples Center rehearsal was the following night (6/24), and then he died the next day (6/25). Also, at the end of the official clip you'll notice an eerie smile by Michael Jackson, which is more noticeable in the short clip tacked on at the end of this video (1:49). (Side Note): Many people have wondered who's the guitarist in this clip. Many have assumed it's Jennifer Batten from Jackson's "Bad," "Dangerous," and "HIStory" tours. It turns out that it's actually Orianthi. She may previously be best known for being asked by Carrie Underwood to join her band onstage at the 2009 Grammys. Background Articles/Video: "Adelaide musician Orianthi was Michael Jackson's guitarist": (Update): (Los Angeles Times) - "Orianthi plays through the pain": (Update #2): "Orianthi shreds Michael Jackson" (Demonstrates "Beat it" Solo): (Update #3): "ORIANTHI - Song for Steve (Vai) Live": Video: AEG Live, CNN

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