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KIM KARDASHIAN IS A FAT B*TCH!- How I Met Your Mother, LATOYA! - RIP Swayze Butt!

I'M CALLING THESE SIZE TWO BITCHES OUT! Please rate/comment/fave/tweet! I hope you subscribe for more! Thank you! Comment Questions of the Day: 1. Who do you think the mother is on How I Met Your Mother?! Any evidence or are you just guessing? HA! 2. Seriously- what do you think of DIET PILLS? Have you tried them? What do you think of celebs endorsing them? 3. Any favorite Patrick Swayze memories/movies to share? They don't have to be about his butt! Tags Kim Kardashian size two fat skinny liar How Met Your Mother Latoya Jackson Jillian Michaels Diet Pills RIP Patrick Swayze butt hot sexy popular YouTube What the Buck Michael Buckley gay funny comedy entertainment news web series

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Cape Buffalo vs Lion Pride, Single Cape buffalo chases and entire Lion Pride. Coward lions.

One takes on a lion pride and chases them, and then proceeds to start attacking the young, but that part was cut off. The lions were chased all the way to there den, how cowardly you'd think have enough balls to stand up for there cubs, before buffalo chased them to the den. What punk lions. Lions are cowards, fairy and the most overrated animal in the animal kingdom.

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