IOSYS - Unlocked Girl ~ The Girl Who Left Her Secret Room
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For High Quality Song: Unlocked girl 〜 密室を出た少女 (Unlocked Girl ~ The Girl who left her secret room) Artist: IOSYS Album: 東方月燈籠 (Touhou Tsuki Tourou) Album Release Date: 2006 First track from the album 'Touhou Tsuki Tourou'. The song is a remix of "ラクトガール 〜 少女密室" (Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room), which is Patchouli Knowledge's theme from Touhou 6: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.
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  Iosys  Touhou  Tsuki  Tourou  Unlocked  Girl  The  Who  Left  Her  Secret  Room  Patchouli  Knowledge  Locked 
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