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Transformers 2 Parody (Revenge of The Twitter Icons)

Revenge of the Twiticons - Sam and Mikaela must face a global battle against rampant Twitter Icons. Please comment, rate, and subscribe. Be sure to tweet this video! Starring: WasteTimeChasing Cars as Sam ShaneDawsonTV as Ex-FBI Agent VenetianPrincess (me) as Mikaela Written, Edited, Directed, and Special FX By me Music by Steve Goldstein and ProScore Royalty Free Software Music Software

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Lady Gaga - Badder Romance FULL LENGTH

Facebook fanpage - So, here's the story. Two of us got Flips for Christmas. And we were all in the car, and Bad Romance comes on the radio. So naturally, we start rocking out to it, dancing in the car like a bunch of freaks. Ian, being the thinker, whipped out his Flip and started recording it. When the song was over, we realized he never hit record. First we were all "Oh maan." Then we were all "LET'S REMAKE THE ACTUAL VIDEO!" Finally we were all "WHOO! YEAAAH! (:D)/" A big thank you goes out to Lady Gaga for tweeting our video! Since then, views have exploded! So here you go. Enjoy!! Of course, our video will never be as good as the original. Rate/comment and tell us what you think!! WARNING: There are several profanities in the bloopers. In no way are we making fun of Lady Gaga. In fact, we adore her. Check out the original video here! Song (c) Lady Gaga / Interscope Records

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Chris Nicholson, Video Blog

Why my business partner and I are involved in DON'T CALL BACK and why you might like to be too...

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