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Bonnie's Pilates Workout Routine - Belly

Bonnie's Pilates Workout Routine - Belly BONNIE HERSCHMILLER Your Canadian Sweetheart xoxo SUBSCIBE!!! JOIN the Offical LA Weight Loss GROUP!!! EDMONTON - On her bad days, back when she tipped the ol' Toledo at 208 lb. Bonnie Herschmiller used to sit on the couch, eat chocolate and cry. NEW LOOK ... Bonnie Herschmiller before and after losing 94 lbs. — Brendon Dlouhy, Sun Media "I was disgusted with myself," says the Edmonton mom, who stands just under 5-ft.-4. "I like to feel pretty. I'm a girly girl. When you're fat, you don't feel girlish at all." The New Brunswick native says she was already about 30 lb. overweight when she got pregnant in mid-2003. She then packed on another 60 lb. while "eating for two," a strategy that landed her in hospital during her third trimester with severe high blood pressure. After the birth of son Brett in February 2004, Herschmiller set her mind to taking off her excess cellulite and lowering her blood pressure. But she discovered it was easier said than done. "It wasn't coming off at all," she says. "I was exercising and everything, but it just wasn't coming off." Desperate to reclaim her girlish figure, she signed up at an Edmonton LA Weight Loss Center. Through a meal plan designed specifically for her, Herschmiller, 27, began eating six small nutritious meals a day. She also bought a Pilates DVD and began doing the exercises for between 30 and 60 minutes a day. Suddenly, Herschmiller became the incredible shrinking woman, losing 8 lb. in Week 1 and around 3.5 lb. each subsequent week. After six months, she was 94 lb. lighter, at a trim 114. Word spread about her success story - all the way to the U.S.-based head honchos of LA Weight Loss Centers, who made her a company poster girl. "It's not just a diet, it's a way of life," she says. "I love life now. There's a happiness inside me." LA - IT WORKS!!!

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